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A Brand is not just a name or a physical feature anymore, it connects your customers emotionally too. They feel the brand, they adore it and feel proud to own it. So, don’t hesitate to show the brand wherever you go.

Along with the history of your brand, there is so much more to tell. How about unmatched values, great products, competitive price, unbeatable quality and irresistible experience or what customers say about your brand. So, keep telling your story.

Want to get noticed? Why don’t you differentiate your brand? Add values, justify your presence, show unique colors, tell the purpose of your brand and give an experience. Sure, your brand will stand out from the rest.


We believe in giving you the best and that’s why we use high quality fabric, hardware and accessories which reach Canadian Standards.

Our team will assist you to identify the most suitable designs and products with their in-depth knowledge and experience in brand building.

We value your hard-earned money and expect your satisfaction with our products and service, so no matter what the issue is you can count on us.


9:30am – 5:30pm Monday – Friday

Unit# LL11, 4155 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON., M1S 1T4, CANADA

Phone: 647-343-0360, 647-376-7161, 647-871-5220

Email: info@promax360.com